Sunday, July 11, 2010

New York - Scene 4: The Money Shot

These pictures were taken June 19th a.k.a. The Day that I Walked the entire city of New York (not REALLY it just felt like it) or The Curtain goes down on Act I of Mandie's Life (yes there's a story there and no I will not tell you about it . . . except for you Ryan). =)

Once again just taking pictures of things that catch my eye. I am very often surprised at what I end up liking the best. When you hear the advice to just shoot everything you/I should listen. Part of what I like best about this image is the red which is actually reflections of the traffic lights. I had to wait for another cycle of red to begin because I thought it just made the image better.

I'm not at all a huge fan of Apple but the architecture of this building and the lines created by the panes of class juxtaposed with the outside buildings fascinated me. I tried to put the Apple at a power third position. I'm surprised again by how much I actually like this shot as it was another whim picture. I'm standing in the middle of the floor surrounded by a huge crowd of people jostling for positions around the new iPads and I'm stock-still staring at the sky. I grabbed a few shots then turned to find several employees watching me who of course are looking at me oddly (which I am SO getting used to) and who proceed to comment on my lens (which I also am getting very used to . . . it's really big). I'm laughing now but don't ask why, it's slightly naughty.

I don't know what this is but I've seen it in movies and I liked it. Hence the pic.

The Central Park Boathouse. This was in the movie 27 Dresses. I now have to re-watch all the movies I've ever seen that take place in New York. It's just so much fun when you can say that you've been there. Ahhhhhhh movies . . . .

This shot was for Todd. He's like 'You have to get a picture of that car' and I did not want to but grabbed a couple and then liked them once I saw them. Reminds me of a movie scene. He looks like a villain to me, don't you think? Maybe from some eastern European nation and a car chase is about to ensue. Bond, James Bond.

View of Brooklyn through the museum ship, I believe it's called the Ambrose, docked along Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. This was a really fun place to visit. Total happy street fest vibe (and actual street fest) going on there.

We decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, yes I would recommend it, but oh how tired I was by the end. Total jellylegs and no I'm not at all a wimp, but a full days walking while hauling around my camera gear and not eating (like I'm going to waste time on that) just about did me in. Worth it . . . oh yes!

TA-DAH!!! The money shot! I went on this trips with lists and schedules of the shots I wanted to get and when. My biggest three were a night shot of the Statue of liberty with hopefully some city in the background, Times Square at night, and city skyline at night with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground. I dragged poor Todd all over so I could get this, actually he dragged me. He knew what I wanted and helped me find it even though I was a little reticent walking down creepy alleyways with all my gear in plain site. He's awesome that way. We're at a little park (which I believe was aptly named the Brooklyn Bridge Park) that's right off the water. I'm going to blow this pic up HUGE and hang it over my bed!

This was another spontaneous grab shot that I ended up liking a whole lot more than I anticipated.

One more post to go for N.Y.C. Thanks so much to all who have the patience to slog through my trip slideshows and ramblings. =)

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