Sunday, November 21, 2010

Alex is getting MARRIED!!!!!!! (Park City Engagement Photography)

This is my incredibly wonderful and beautiful cousin Alex and my soon to be cousin Christopher. I adore them oh so much! They were kind enough to let me take their Engagement pictures a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun. Alex wanted an urban feel and while my husband and I were in Park City for a fun weekend get-a-way he suggested we shoot there. I loved the idea, Alex loved the idea and voila, there we were. We ended up shooting for a little over five hours. I don't normally shoot that long for an Engagement session but I wanted to play with some night pictures and they were game so... =)

We wanted an urban look but a little more classy sophisticate than grungy. I love how the shots turned out. These are just a few of my favorites and they are mostly the "play" ones that I like to do for myself, luckily Alex and Christopher like the play shots too!

Love the shadow, love the shoes!

Love the colors!

When he pulled out the hat I started bouncing and squealing like a little girl... I really did.

I love all the colors in Park City, this blue building was a must shoot. Add a light post and a gorgeous couple and...magic!

Shooting through bars. It's artistic. ;D

I was sad to turn this to sepia because I loved the red of the balls but it just looks better. I especially love the way the sepia accents the texture in the balls. Makes it more of a graphic element and less distracting.

I heart the whole series of the shots by this window but I had to pick (I hate picking sometimes).

So cute!

I love the Park City Trolley so I was fully prepared to beg, bribe, cajole, and wheedle in order to take pictures on it. No need! The driver was THE nicest guy ever and everyone else seemed to love just being a part of the fun day. People were so nice to us the whole shoot. I was thrilled at what we got on the Trolley and it was something I'd never done before which y'all know I'm a HUGE fan of.

I love this little moment.

Hahaha, my Aunt has two stores in Park City so we just had to take some pictures in one of them. They're mannequins, I love this shot! Christopher fits in well with my family!

My husband liked the car in this shot.

This shot is my FAVORITE!!! It's the picture that I had in my head for this shoot. Yes we are literally in the middle of the road. I think I'm lying in the road. We would literally scamper back and forth. Good times!!

Love, love, love, the glowy red balls. We had to come back here after the lights came on.

This wonderful art gallery owned invited us to come in and shoot on his fun couch. We're going for major attitude in these shots. So fun! So glad my beloved cousin is marrying such an awesome guy. He is the best and game for anything. We have had such a great time taking pictures. Thanks Alex and Christopher, love you both!!

I need to mention that the name of the gallery is Silver Queen Fine Art and their website is The owner is Timm Hilty and he is awesome!

Oh, the humanity!! (Utah Family Photography)

The irony of my life is that when I have lots to blog about I have absolutely no time and when I have plenty of free time for blogging I have nothing to talk about...sigh. Right now the former would be the case so here I am finally posting my own family pictures that I took on October 17th out at Saltair. I was going for an edgy grunge look with the black and white attire and graffiti walls. I just want to point out here that I am so very sympathetic to how excruciatingly painful it can be to have family pictures taken. My family is just like every other, and believe me, I am not above threats and bribery. Lol, luckily I had my parents come along to help wrangle the heathens and push the shutter button. I'm now good for a year, well, maybe two. =)

This was the picture I had in my head when I decided on this location and I love everyone in it... except for me. But, oh well, I'm being the self-sacrificing mother and using this for the parental Christmas gifts. I do love everything else about it. My family is the cutest! =)

This is probably my favorite though the two stripeys were NOT supposed to be next to each pictures are uber frazzling.

I love, love, love this photo of my children. Four of the stubbornest mules in existence but I love 'em for it (when I don't want to kill them, lol).

Not a huge fan of this shot but the setting is cool. My kids wanted to take pictures here SO badly and so we did, all a part of the bribery for good behavior. Mostly I look at it and want to move Todd and I to the right. I don't like it enough to go to all of that hassle in PShop so it's just gonna have to stay the way it is.
I love the composition of this shot with the repeating framing. Just thought the lines were cool. SO wish I could just switch my two boys so that the stripeys aren't next to each other. That's the kind of thing that drives me crazy. I knew I didn't want them together but you get there and there's tension, and whining, and grumbling, and that's not even counting the kids!! Haha ;D

Me and my fabulous husband!! I need to drum up my photog pals to do a couple shoot of the two of us, doing it yourself is just too hard. I love my boy! Here we are just a couple days back from him taking me to New York for the best birthday ever!

This is my oldest daughter. She'll turn thirteen in just a couple of weeks and she is almost as tall as I am. My literal words when I first saw this picture..."Oh, crap!"

This is my second daughter and she is a spitfire and then some! Tomorrow she defends her title as the Spelling Bee champ at her Elementary. She won it last year as a fourth grader beating out her older sister who ended up taking fouth place. yeah, that was a fun week at our house. The girls were actually great to each other but one was naturally upset that she got out and the other was upset that she got her sister out, Oy Vey! SO tomorrow I will be a nervous wreck waiting to hear the outcome, I'm already feeling sick about it. We've done the whole spill of "Spelling Bee's are a lot about luck" and "We are proud of you no matter what" but I know my daughter.

Here is my sunshine boy. The happiest, friendliest, most outgoing kid you will ever meet. Of course he has his horrifying termagant moments but apparently only for his parents. Good times!

And my baby. This is the only single shot I got of him not crying, he was ready for his fruit snacks. Quick anecdote. This last Monday was his fourth birthday but Todd and I were both going to be gone so we told him his birthday was Sunday. We made a big deal, did the whole cake and presents party, threatened his siblings with death if they ratted us out (his brother had to be "reminded" of that), even enlisted the Primary Presidency in the scam. Of course the next day on his actual birthday I went to wake him up with a big Happy Birthday and then realized I had to pretend all day that it WASN'T his birthday...I had to laugh.

So why am I juggling? Well, you know how New Year's resolutions are usually pretty lame like losing weight and all that? I decided I wanted to do something fun. Ages ago my Grandmother made all of the grandkids juggle balls out of balloons and sprouted wheat, no really, after awhile mine actually started to grow. Anyway, my cousin Tony got phenomenally good and I've always been a little envious. This year for New Year's I decided to juggle every day as best as I could. And I have. Sadly I'm still not all that great but I can, at least, juggle. I think I'll give it one more year and then it's on to the bagpipes! Sidenote: My mommy made me these juggle balls for my birthday and on my birthday I juggled with them on Times Square. So fun! They are silver and black with sparkly sequins. I love my Mommy!!

I heart this picture. I love the lines of the window above and the silhouettes. I just love it. Well, this is us, thank so much for taking the time to meet my family. Loves!! xoxox