Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boston/New York Trip - Scene 1: Meeting the Green Monster

It's Saturday night and I've only had two and a half hours of sleep. I also have the house to myself so I am finally going to attempt to get my trip pictures edited and posted.

My husband and I went to Boston and New York mid June and the first thing we did was throw our luggage in our room and head straight for the ballpark. This game was June 16th. Boston Red Sox played the Arizona Diamondbacks and won 6-2. My very first major league baseball game and I get Fenway . . . happy dance!!!

Ta-dah! First shot of the night, establishing location. =)

So I freely admit that as a girl I pay more attention to everything going on around the stadium than the actual game . . . that does NOT at all mean that I don't appreciate the experience. Lol, I was fascinated by the rhythm and lines of the ground crew, a well oiled machine my friends.

Definitely my favorite shot of the night. Love the light, the Green Monster, the body action of the pitcher, AND the blurred ball. Did I get in a smidge of trouble taking this shot . . . maaaaaaybe (SO worth it).

Here's Number 20 Kevin Youkilis, holder of the unusual arm positioning. So Todd (that would be my husband) mildly freaks out and says 'You have to get a picture of how this guy holds his bat' and I'm like 'Sure, okay'. So I of course take the obligatory 10-12 pictures and I notice that yes he does start out like this but right before he swings he drops into a more standard batting position. I mention this and get the baffled male look from Todd and several other unkown-to-me fans sitting next to him. I'm like, hey I'm the one looking through the really powerful telephoto lens, but thought better of it and just kept snapping pictures. He actually had a home run that night which is always fun.

The crowd there was fantastic. Red Sox fans really take their baseball seriously. The last shot is during the singing of Sweet Caroline. SO fun! I loved watching this gentleman, he was a riot. It was amazing being there. I just wandered around taking pictures and 'Savoring the Ambience'. OH, and I got a soft pretzel . . . it just seemed like the right thing to do. Now I just need to watch Fever Pitch again.

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