Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Family.

This is my entire immediate family.

I've debated for a long time whether or not to post this picture . . . it's not perfect. I feel pressure to have my own family picture be spectacular since I am a photographer but then I realized that this was a good chance to show how important it is to have pictures of your family, flawed or not.

My sister Leah lives in Australia with her husband Varian and son Jaron. Varian is Australian and while we love him dearly it is hideously wretched to have them be so far away. Leah was able to come for a visit last summer but we haven't seen Varian for two years and as Jaron is only about six months old we had never seen him.

The night this picture was taken we had just barely got back from a big family trip up to Bear Lake. We are tired, sunburned, and cranky (maybe that was just me). Kids are covered with mosquito bite welts and my little boy had fallen that morning and scraped his face all up. Thank heavens for Photoshop. Because of everyone's schedules (trips, work, life, oh my) this was the single time while my sister was here that we could do a family picture, so we did it. Most of us, and by that I mean my family, are just wearing what happened to be clean because I literally got off the plane from New York, frantically unpacked/repacked, then headed up to the Lake.

So yeah, it's not perfect but you know what? It's priceless. I love my family, you really, honestly, can't know how much!

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  1. Hi doll! Just a heads up that I am blog-stalking you now :D These photos are absoultely gorgeous! I never would have known how tired and smelly you all felt! I love you and miss you, my friend!