Monday, February 28, 2011

FLASH! (Utah Photography)

I love to take classes and workshops to improve/add dimension to my photography. I recently took a clash on incorporating flash into your work. It was a lot of fun and I left feeling pretty confident in my knowledge but realizing that I have to practice more with making flash fit into my style. I like flash for dramatic, fashion, and commercial type images but have struggled with bringing it into my portrait work. I really love the softer look of natural light for families, engagements etc. I'm starting to realize that keeping the two looks separate may be just fine.

This is a just for fun shot, my instructor was letting me test settings on him. I include it to illustrate a point to myself. I told myself to learn to use flash less dramatically on this day yet as soon as I started shooting I went full drama.

Here's what I was trying to do. I am using flash here but you can hardly tell, right? Please say yes. :) Sometimes you find yourself in deep shade and a touch of fill flash cleans things up nicely and can add some warmth. This image makes me happy.

Here we were playing with backlighting. We were supposed to do a silhouette, which I did, but then I wanted to show her face. It's a little mucky because I had to pull a lot out of my camera to work with the available light but I like how the flash illuminated the dust in the air. I want to play with that outside. You know in a movie when the dust motes are lit up and it's all golden and warm and sparkly? I love that look.

Another where I'm trying to use flash but tone down the drama. I'm pleased, especially since this shot is done in a dark studio with just one speedlight and a small umbrella. I can't remember if I had someone holding a reflector, I rather think not, there wasn't time.

All in all I had fun, got the creative juices flowing, and got myself a nice little shot of confidence. Now to play!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Draper Utah Temple (Utah Photography)

For February's project I visited the Draper Utah temple on the way home from a lighting workshop. I think I may want to re-shoot all of my winter temples when the landscapes are a little more aesthetically pleasing. As it was most of my pictures from this day were either boring or had an annoying maintenance contraption in them, grrr. So I'm going with this shot. It isn't your typical temple shot but then I reminded myself that the point of an artistic self-project is total creative freedom and I felt better. I love the sunburst, the near silhouette, and the glint off the angel Moroni.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chuck Gilmore Press Kit (Utah Photography)

I recently had the opportunity to work with the amazingly talented Chuck Gilmore. I met Chuck while appearing in Evita at Rodgers Memorial Theatre. Chuck is an actor, singer, and vocal coach and he needed press kit pictures for his website and blog

I like to do at least one horizontal headshot because the verticals are so common that the horizontals tend to stand out. Plus I have found that some social media site avatars can be weird sizes so sometimes a horizontal is easier to fit.

I usually have an aversion to random stuff in the background of headshots, especially if they are used for theater programs but I just really liked this one and since these are for press kit as well I'm hoping he can use it.

We wanted an edgy, urban like feel for this shoot. I'm hoping he will be pleased with how they turned out! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Utah Statesman (Utah Photography)

This is my brother Ben who is a brilliant writer and currently the Editor in Chief of USU's paper, the Utah Statesman. Ben was nice enough to let me come shoot him in action as he and his cohorts got the Friday issue put together...they stay up late!

I wanted an old-time cluttery feel to the images so I went for black and white. Black and white just feels classic newsroomy to me, yes I realize that newsroomy isn't a word. I tried adding film grain in post but it just looked stupid to me so I'm a little cross that I didn't boost my ISO more but at the same time I hate digital noise which is just one of the reasons I shoot with a tripod. I need to start looking for a good grain plug-in.

This above is Matt, organizer of all things crowd related at the Spectrum. If you haven't ever seen a game there you, my friend, are missing out!

One of my favorites. :)

There are more pics on facebook, I'll try to post the link tomorrow.!/album.php?aid=266458&id=111853783726

Holy smokes that's a long link!

...and scene.

Thanks Ben and Co. for letting me hang around, it was a blast.

I love a good story.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Logan Temple (Utah Photography)

For January's temple project I photographed the Logan, Utah temple. I'm not particularly pleased on how it turned out. I don't feel like I was particularly creative with this shot. I also wanted snow and it's rather strange to not have much snow in Logan during January. I also need to get a tilt-shift lens if I am going to be shooting architecture from a low angle. Oh well, we shoot and learn! :)