Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I really should be working on other things. :S

I have so much work to do, but all work and no play, well, YOU know.
I played hooky and went light painting with some fantastic photographer friends out at Saltair last night. We had SO much fun. Light painting is a blast. Several of them had brought steel wool. You attach it to a chain, light it on fire, swing it around and PRESTO, fun pics!! I'm such a pyro, you'd better believe I was in there a swingin'. Here are just a few of my favorite pics. I can't wait for the next adventure!!

My awesome friend David came to help me again. He's my best light paining buddy. We laugh!

This cropped is now my new Facebook profile pic. It makes me happy...I actually did do yoga yesterday, lol.

Monday, October 18, 2010

At least I'm not as sad as I used to be.

Don't panic, this post title is the name of a song by my current band obsession, Fun!! Such a great name. "Where are you going?" "Oh, to Fun". "You're having fun?" "Yes, with Fun."
I'm a dork but it all makes me laugh.

Steel Train opened the night. The lead for Steel Train is a member of Fun so he was doing double duty. This shot is from their song It's fun to dance. It is and it was!!

I also like the crowd in these shots. I had as much fun watching the crowd as the bands, well maybe not QUITE as much, but I'm weird like that.

I love the color, light, and positioning in this one. It looks a lot better on my larger screen, oh well. See cute girl on the right. Her name is Emily and my brother is in love with her. She does have skills.
Another that I loved the light on the crowd. Awesome show and the crowd energy was fantastic. I moved from the top balcony to the side, then down to the floor. Had to be in the mix, loved it!
...and scene! This was the last activity in my best birthday week ever. I'll be posting the NYC pix as soon as I get caught up in may take awhile..good times!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Perfect Session

Fair warning, I am going to briefly mention religion. =)

Last Saturday (Oct. 2, 2010) I had the opportunity of going to the Saturday morning session of LDS General Conference at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. This was my first time attending General Conference live and it was an incredible experience. Getting there was a bit intense. I live in a Valley a little over an hour North of Salt Lake. My Dad picked my daughter and I up at 7:30 and as it was we barely made it to our seats for the 9:30 cut-off when they start giving your places away. Parking was crazy and though we were lucky enough to have a pass it was the actual getting there that took all the time. Herds of people everywhere!!! Luckily we're a pretty mild crowd though navigating the screaming protester (the rest were nicely polite) was a trifle off-putting. We made it to our seats just in the nick of time which was a bit sad because I was really wanting to wander a bit and savor the ambience. It's just this thing I do. Long story short, Conference was brilliant beyond words. I went with a heavy heart and came away with desperately needed answers, comfort, and hope that the particular trials that I've been dealing with for the past two plus years (August 14, 2008 to be exact) will soon be at an end.

After Conference I had lunch with my family. I adore my family. My Parents were there as well as my Grandparents, Brother, Daughter, Aunt and a lovely couple from Belgium who were staying with my Aunt. My Dad enjoyed speaking French with them, he isn't able to speak French very often around here. On the way home I was completely and utterly exhausted and was very worried that I wouldn't be able to do the upcoming family session justice. It takes a lot of energy to be perky. =) I made it home to complete and utter chaos. I rather expected this. It seems whenever I have an amazing spiritaul day I get pummeled even harder. I threw eveything in the car told myself everything was going to be fine and rushed over to my clients house. I was four minutes late. =(

This is the Warnes family. Bishop Warnes is my, well, Bishop lol. I believe this is the fourth time I have had the wonderful opportunity of taking their family pictures. They are an amazingly fantastic family and I love them all dearly. Our session couldn't have gone better. Fall hasn't been it's usual self here in the Valley but somehow the colors came through. The gentlemen needed to leave for the Priesthood session of General Conference so we took all the pictures that they were needed for first and they were able to go. I hope they didn't miss very much. Everything just went perfectly. Lisa told me that they had been praying for me and I definitely felt it. I told her what had happened at Conference ... I don't often cry at the end of photo shoots...

Anyway, it was a lovely day. I went home again to chaos but everything worked out and right now I'm just holding on to the knowledge that everything is going to work out. I get to go to N.Y.C. in three days, celebrate my birthday, see Wicked again, take a ton of pictures, and make a fresh start in my life.

Much thanks to all who have been so wonderful and given so much help to me over the past couple of years. I truly love you all.