Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alex and Christopher's Couple Pre-Session (Utah Wedding Photography)

A wonderful Photographer friend of mine, Meghan Derico of Derico Photography, told me about this photography location. In fact she did more than that. She gave me the contact info and sent me a link so that I could see a session that she had shot there and get a feel for what was availiable. Thanks Meghan, you went above and beyond and I am very, very grateful! I believe photographers should share and help each other and she certainly is a perfect example.

When I heard that there was a castle location I knew it would be perfect for Alex and as it turns out they built a HUGE castle for their Reception so it turned out even more perfectly than I first imagined. She wanted a Vintage look to go with her incredible dress and I couldn't be happier with how the pictures turned out...a little magic. :)

This above is my favorite shot of the entire day, I call it the "magic" shot. I just really love it.

This image was kind of an experiment, I saw it in my head and wondered if I could make it work.
Any thoughts?

Movie scene shot, establishing locale, lol.

My second favorite shot though when I saw it blown up to a 16X20 and beautifully framed I had a hard time choosing between it and my first favorite.
Sidenote: we (Christopher) went and got an armful of the pretty yellow leaves to place around because the ones already there were all shriveled. Not cheating!

Hero shot of the bouquet Karissa (Alex's friend) did such an amazing job on.

This is my favorite shot of Alex, I added textures to enhance the Vintage look. I really like how it turned out.
I always love to play with lens flare and I love the connection between Alex and Christopher and the back of Alex's dress. Love, love, LOVE this dress!!
Alex was freezing and her dress wasn't the easiest to move in but she was such a trooper and Christopher is one of the nicest guys in the universe. Thank you both so so much for my best session to date. Love you both!!!


  1. Those are truly beautiful! And may I add that the shot you asked about where they're in front of the turret, you pulled that off amazingly! I know exactly where that is at and you nailed it especially since it is SO much in the shade from right there! What a beautiful bride and groom :)