Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Website redo, update, new look...whatever you want to call it. :) (Utah Photography)

I recently updated my website. It definitely felt like one of the Herculean tasks only easier on my shoes than cleaning the Augean stables.

Here is the link

If anyone has time to check it out and give me feedback (any kind) I would be eternally grateful.

This is the favicon I made all by myself. I'd never even heard of a favicon before. It's the little icon that show up in the address bar of your web browser. For some reason I'm most proud of myself for figuring that out. All. By. Myself. Lol

When I get my courage back up I'll do something about the blog so it can match! :)


  1. Mandie,
    I LOVE the new website! It's gorgeous!

  2. Sharon, you are so sweet to have looked at it for me. Thank you!! :)

  3. I've been on your new website for ages now. :) It's lovely. Fun to see the client viewing of Alex too! Love the slideshow effect when you click on the family/weddings..etc.