Monday, January 10, 2011

Go AGGIES!! (Utah Photographer)

Once upon a time I went to Utah State University and one of my favorite things about USU was basketball in the Spectrum, nothing compares! Luckily for me my brilliant brother Benjamin is editor-in-chief of the Utah Statesman and was able to get us both onto the floor to shoot a game. Definitely a bucket list moment for me.
This game was on December 23, 2010 during Christmas break which is why the stands aren't completely packed. This was the final of the Gossner Foods Invitational which of course the Aggies won.

A few things had changed. When I was in school the Frat section (and therefore main cheering section) was bottom right of the student side. Now the loudest, perhaps you might say most obnoxious (if you are the other team), section is under the basket to the right of the student section. I wasn't supposed to cheer or show any affiliation but they were absolutely hysterical and I laughed the entire game.

Big Blue!! Can you have a crush on a Mascot?? :)

My favorite pic of the game. Coach is not thrilled that they had a technical foul called on them. A little showboating (read hanging on the rim) after a slam dunk.

Yes, that guy is dressed like a Christmas tree, yes his outfit glowed AND blinked, and yes, the crowd is singing Oh, Christmas Tree. Good times!!

Always fun to get a little under the basket action shot.

I have NO idea why he is looking at me like that, it was a tad disconcerting, lol.

MVP player for the night and the one my brother says about trampled me, I was busy ducking so I didn't see.
Crowd doing the Winning Team, Losing Team chant. That was a new one for me, fun though.

And to top the night off they won the game and the Invitational.

So this was basically my first foray into sports photography. I need to practice more! I spent the night messing with my settings and talking to myself. Do I want a faster shutter speed or smaller aperture? Shallower depth of field or deeper. Continuous or Single autofocus? Should I try to focus on the player or pre-focus and wait for the action? Why can't I get the white balance I want? Should I bump the ISO? But what about the was so much fun. The next sport event I'm dying to shoot? A Real soccer game. Don't know how I am going to manage that one but I am determined to keep trying.

I got hit by a ball, trampled {sort of} by a player, and got to sing the ol' fight song again.
Perfect, perfect night!

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  1. I like those pics of the game, plus I'm blown away at how much I love Alexis' pics. I knew they'd be good, but seriously ...... WOW! Magic shot hello! seriously magic. I did love them all, but I also love loved the one you called the hero shot. nicely done, props to you. Also I like the one with him from farther, through her arm, it's different, but very artistic, so I say thumbs up, I think it's cool to have a couple that are cool like that.