Thursday, December 16, 2010

November's Project (Utah Photography)

As I've mentioned before I assign myself a monthly photo project. Actually for 2011 I'm going to be doing something a little different. I'm going to try photographing a different temple every month. I'm not sure exactly how that will work, I imagine that some of the farther away temples may have pictures taken that are less than ideal because I'll have to work with whatever conditions I find, but I'm still excited. This is something that I have been thinking about for several years. My beloved Aunt Carol asked me to think about taking a picture of the Salt Lake Temple because she didn't really like any of the pictures available. This got me looking around and I realized that I too didn't really like any of the pictures I came across. Oh, there are plenty of gorgeous shots but for some reason none "feel" right to me. I hope that doesn't come across as rude, I don't mean it to, I'm just not framing a huge picture for my wall unless it speaks to my heart. Anyway, I decided to start a little early with the Ogden Temple because it will shortly be under construction and I wanted to get a picture of it before it is changed. I'm a little not happy about the whole remodel idea. I understand the reasoning but this is how the Temple has looked my entire life and it's good enough for me.

I figured I should grab a shot of the Tabernacle while I was there. I'm a sucker for berries in snow.

I took this during those few days we had snow before the warm spell melted it all. It was gone the next day. I rather think I lucked out though the skies are bland, that's the main reason I messed with the added textures.

I'm excited and nervous for December's project. I'm hoping to make my first foray into photo fusion. I really, really, really, want it to work out. Those I've talked to recently know where I'm headed and how important it is to me. I've been surprised at the potshots I've taken in the last few months. They almost made me quit, actually I did for about two days. Then I remembered how things that are important and worth the most are darn hard and I snapped out of it. Now I feel like I'm figuratively gritting my teeth and plowing forward. We'll see what happens...I feel like I'm watching the movie of my life and I'm impatient to see what the next scenes bring.


  1. I really like the picture of the Tabernacle. The berries are cool.

  2. Oh it makes me so sad that they're changing it. Take more of this temple before it's gone!!!