Monday, February 28, 2011

FLASH! (Utah Photography)

I love to take classes and workshops to improve/add dimension to my photography. I recently took a clash on incorporating flash into your work. It was a lot of fun and I left feeling pretty confident in my knowledge but realizing that I have to practice more with making flash fit into my style. I like flash for dramatic, fashion, and commercial type images but have struggled with bringing it into my portrait work. I really love the softer look of natural light for families, engagements etc. I'm starting to realize that keeping the two looks separate may be just fine.

This is a just for fun shot, my instructor was letting me test settings on him. I include it to illustrate a point to myself. I told myself to learn to use flash less dramatically on this day yet as soon as I started shooting I went full drama.

Here's what I was trying to do. I am using flash here but you can hardly tell, right? Please say yes. :) Sometimes you find yourself in deep shade and a touch of fill flash cleans things up nicely and can add some warmth. This image makes me happy.

Here we were playing with backlighting. We were supposed to do a silhouette, which I did, but then I wanted to show her face. It's a little mucky because I had to pull a lot out of my camera to work with the available light but I like how the flash illuminated the dust in the air. I want to play with that outside. You know in a movie when the dust motes are lit up and it's all golden and warm and sparkly? I love that look.

Another where I'm trying to use flash but tone down the drama. I'm pleased, especially since this shot is done in a dark studio with just one speedlight and a small umbrella. I can't remember if I had someone holding a reflector, I rather think not, there wasn't time.

All in all I had fun, got the creative juices flowing, and got myself a nice little shot of confidence. Now to play!


  1. These are gorgeous! I love watching your point-of-view and seeing your style develop :D

  2. Megan, I just love you to pieces. Thank you so much!! :)

  3. Those are beautiful and no don't look flashy. Well that is they do look flashy but not "flashy" if you know what I mean. :) I love the back lighting one and the close up of her face. Really pretty.