Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Froerer Family (Utah Family Photography)

I am SO excited about this session! I love pictures in the snow but find it strangely hard to talk people into doing them, so sad. Luckily my friend Jamie wanted to take her families pictures in the snow so it was a perfect match! We were thinking about doing colorful scarves and hats (which I would still love to do hint hint lovely friends) but I love the colors they chose. We've actually been watching the weather since last fall, literally! We wanted fresh snow and that's harder to coordinate than you might think. So last week when it stormed we threw this session together and I love how it turned out!

This is actually the last photo I took but it represents a triumph for me so I'm starting with it. Yes, there is a little photoshop magic going on but I'm not tellin' what exactly. :) They were all such troopers. By now they are freezing, especially the youngest. I love hand holding to show connection between family members but it's also awfully handy when your little girl is about to cry because her hands are so cold. I'm so sorry sweetheart, you did great!

I love when kids look like themselves in pictures. I absolutely love how she is standing because it's so "her". As soon as she stood like this I was like "DON'T MOVE, you're perfect!" and then I had to happy dance when I saw the shot.

I love this picture because he's in this awesome perfect kid hut place that we found. You can't see as well from the picture but it is the perfect boy spot, heck I wanted to crawl in there and start building a fort. It was just the perfect spot for him. I know they'll most likely pick a different shot for the wall portrait but I had to post this one 'cause it makes me happy.

Hahaha, I probably don't have to explain this one. I've known these kids for ages and they are a riot, I wanted to do a shot of them just being themselves and having fun.

SO cute, look at you two. I'm not sure I've ever been able to get Nick smiling this much, I had to make them laugh and shoot fast. Happy, happy, happy!

And now the greatest triumph shot. There are not words for how much I love this picture. This is my third time photographing this family but I've done the children twice more and I've never been able to get this little cutie to smile like this. She's cold, and tired, and so done but she was patient enough to give me just a couple more shots and it's the best I've ever taken of her. Her Mom and I were both so excited I can't wait for Jamie to see these, I'm over the moon!

I love my job!


  1. I love he snow pis, and I love from the last post the hot girl with the light glowing behind her. P.s. I don't thinkmany of us norms can tell if you used a flash ever. I wouldn't have any idea how to tell that.

  2. I love the snow shot - and am so bummed if we don't make it home this year to do it for our family!!! The black and white is nice (I do love the kid shots!) but I agree with you, fun colorful hats and scarfs would be such a fun contrast against the white of the snow and just be fun and spunky. These are great. That's got to be tricky for you to work in those conditions too!!!

  3. I love them! You are the best. Miracles do happen.