Sunday, August 29, 2010

ProvoCreative Trash The Dress Shoot or My Legs Are Still On Fire From The Idiot Mosquitos From That Night

I recently joined the ProvoCreative Models/Photographers Group. They hold monthly get-togethers where they hold different themed shoots each month. This month's theme was Trash the Dress and as I'm doing one of my own in a couple of weeks I was especially interested in attending this one. So this past Tuesday evening found me diving two hours South to Lindon (thank you Scottie for your oh-so-handy GPS navigation feature). I had a wonderful night and met lots of brilliantly talented people who I truly hope will become great friends.

This is the lovely Kari Gillen. I absolutely love her eyes. Shoots like this I get to just PLAY with the images and I had fun!! =)

These two are Sean Hunter and Lora Lee. They were a blast to work with. They just played and played while we shot away, made our jobs easy!

It was hard to pick which individual of Sean to post so I resorted to the extremely sophisticated, the last one was black and white so choose the color one, method. Here I'm breaking rules ON PURPOSE. I feel so liberated, lol! Usually it's a bit of a no-no to shoot full into the sun but I wanted to. Have you ever noticed what that does to people's eyes?? I think it's cool, plus I wanted the shadows from his hair on his face.

Hi Heather, this is Zac, now that you've met will you please get VERY close and personal in the water while dozens of photographers take pictures of you?? Yes? Great! Good Times!!!

Zac Thomas and Heather Morley. Zac is actually a photographer who knew we needed more men and so was kind enough to lend his stunning visage for the shoot. Such a great guy!! What I've seen of his work is stellar, I hope he makes it to the September workshop.

Last shots of the night. I know they're basically the same but I'm struggling to choose between them, any thoughst would be most welcome!! Sidenote: I was curious, so I timed how long it took to photoshop out all of the bugs in the last shot...six minutes!


  1. Oh I want a silhouette shot, those are gorgeous. The water shot, and those eyes are stunning as well!

  2. Oooooohhhhhh I love all of those!

  3. Thanks Katie and Leah!! I'm getting excited for the Dress shoot that I'm setting up soon! =)