Monday, February 6, 2012

Sixteen Years and Counting! {Utah Fine Art Photography}

Now that Sundance is over I need to catch up a bit. My husband and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary in January and as the actual date fell during Sundance we went on a mini trip the week before. I have a goal to photograph a temple every month, preferably one I haven't photographed before. So although I know it isn't exactly an exotic locale hubby was kind enough to go with me to Idaho for our anniversary so that I could photograph the Idaho Falls and Rexburg temples.

We're sort of Hotel snobs and especially like fun themed Inns for our anniversary. this year we stayed in a Paris themed room. Paris is one of our favorite cities in the World and it represents travel to me, especially the Eiffel tower. Hubby picked it and made all the arrangements, he's the cutest!

We visited the Idaho Falls Temple first. It is in such a unique location, right on the river. I like the reflection that it cast in the ice at night.

It was so cold I wanted to cry. Ironically the next week it was super warm and rained a ton with lots of subsequent flooding. January is nuts!

We were going to take pictures of the Rexburg temple after we went through a session but when we got there the clouds were so cool that I decided to take pictures then and there. I was glad because when we got out the clouds were boring. It's a lesson that I have to keep learning over and over again. If you see a scene you like and it's at all possible, take a picture then and there. Don't wait!

I have these photos and more on my boutique site. Here are the links

Idaho Falls


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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a pretty hotel! The temple shots are cool too. I've never been to either of those temples. My first thought when I saw the Rexburg one was, "ooh cool clouds" and then I read what you wrote about it. That is good advice. I hate when you think, 'I'll come back and get that shot' and then you run out of time or it's not the same and you missed the chance. I need to be better at this!