Monday, January 9, 2012

How I spent11/11/11 {Utah Wedding Photography}

I try to only blog once a week so that I don't annoy those who are kind enough (I really appreciate you all so much) to follow my blog but I find that I tend to get rather far behind. Here is the wedding storyline {album} for the wedding I photographed on 11/11/11. What a crazy fun day that was! I was very grateful that the wedding wasn't at the Salt Lake Temple. I had been there a few days earlier and they told me that there were around 150 weddings that day. I think Bountiful had closer to was really fun!


  1. I love the layout of the pages you made. Also the cake shot with the lights in the background is awesome!

  2. Delete this if it's a repeat, I don't think it published my first comment. I just wanted to say that the layout of your pages are really cool and I love the shot of the cake with the strings of lights going off in the background, very pretty!