Monday, January 2, 2012

Hadn't Thought About It That Way {Utah Family Photography}

Greetings to the Longhurst family. There is a lot of love here. They like to laugh and be together and you can tell that they are very close.

When I was getting their print order ready I had an eye-opening conversation with Mary (the lovely mom). I've taken shots like the one above a few times before without really stopping to think about why I was doing it. Oh, I know that it holds to the rule of thirds and the added interest of foreground and background elements but I hadn't thought clearly about the emotional content. Mary told me that she had to have a print of this image because it reminded her of how important it is to have a relationship with your spouse outside of your children. Children are important and wonderful but if a marriage isn't strong then the family will suffer. It is so important to take time to just be with your significant other. I was so grateful that she shared that with me and now I lok at this photograph with new eyes. This is only one in a series of shots. Cory and Mary were in the background twirling and dancing and my favorite has a big dip complete with kiss.

The above was the "money" shot for me. As soon as I took it I had to show Mary. I absolutely love the connection between the family members and my favorite part is the daughter leaning her head on daddy's shoulder. This is the one they got printed large for their wall art and I am so very glad that they did.

I wanted to give them a different "look" to chose from for their big family picture so I took them over to the river. This is one of my very favorite locations to shoot at during late fall and it turned out very nice. They had to have a print of this one as well...I don't purposefully try to make it hard to choose. ;)


  1. Hey Mandie, these are great...I love the one with the parents in the background, and where they are throwing the leaves!

  2. Oh I love Mary and Kory, that's fun to see their family! Great fall leaves, and I love the one with them in the background too!