Monday, December 5, 2011

The Lund Family {Utah Family Photography}

I love fall and this has been one of my favorite locations to shoot in for about a year, partly because I can have good light for longer than usual and partly because as yet the hordes have not discovered it. This is a wonderful family whom I have known for as long as I can remember. Their youngest son was leaving on a mission four days after these pictures were taken and Saturday Oct. 1, 2011 found us traipsing through the weeds in the dark{ish} at seven am. It was darker than I expected and I was panicking a bit. At the last second I threw my studio lights in the car and when I got there {I like to arrive early and set up} it was pretty darn pitch black and there were mysterious shapes lurking...I admit to being a little apprehensive. I told myself that they were most likely deer and would leave as I got closer, sure enough they were and they did. Curse you Dave Carver for telling me all of your bigfoot stories!!!

You can see here that the sun is coming up over the mountains, the light sure moved fast but we were able to get all that we needed before various members of the family had to rush off to other engagements.

I love this picture. I love his eyes. I always try to take at least one photograph of small children looking up at me because that is the way parents see their children most often and it is a reminder in later years of when they were small. Ironically the family was concerned because this little guy is usually super smiley but he is not a morning person at all. It's still my favorite picture.

This is Joni and she is a sweetheart. I really like this picture of her, I think her wonderful personality shines through.

Some back-story to this session was that the night before was the closing night and cast party for a show that I had been doing at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre. I got home probably around 3-4 am, took a two hour nap and then ran out to photograph this session still in full stage hair and make-up and in my ensemble from the night before...that just makes me laugh.

Here is a link to my facebook business page if you would like to see a few more. :)!/media/set/?set=a.10150402810018727.353188.111853783726&type=3

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  1. Oh I was just saying how I haven't had a fall for so long. Those are gorgeous shots! Oh and I love that family!!! :) I like the kid picture too. I'm a sucker for beautiful baby/kid shots! Very nice!
    Oh I was going to say also that you should have included a shot of you in all your stage make-up and outfit. That makes me smile. How exhausting. And the big foot comments made me laugh.