Monday, December 19, 2011

Clark and Dana's Wedding Storyline Album {Utah Wedding Photography}

I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a dear, dear friend in November. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I was so excited to get to work on the images and especially to create her Storyline. I take hundreds of photographs during a wedding but I don't feel that the story of the day can be told flipping through image after image so I love to create Storyline Albums. It's my favorite part of the wedding. The entire day is easily at your fingertips and the emotion just shines through. I love videos but I'll be honest, I rarely watch mine. But a photo album you can just grab when the mood strikes, start at the beginning or flip to your favorite part, and relive the day quickly and easily.

A little fun backstory for this day...we tried photographing the shots above first thing but though a few lovely flakes were coming down while we set up they turned into a full on blizzard and we had to run for cover. Now their reception was at the Chateau Le Jardin which is exquisite but it's a greenhouse so my camera gear promptly fogged up and though I tried to appear outwardly calm and professional I was inwardly panicking because of course, our time was limited and we really couldn't wait for an hour to defog. I pulled my filter off and repeatedly wiped down my glass and took photographs as best as I could. If you look at the page spread two above this one you will notice how soft it is. I decided to just go for artistic effect. Luckily the snow calmed down (of course) and we were able to go back outside and that helped a lot. I didn't dare go outside for the rest of the night until they left in case it happened again so that is why I don't have a photograph of the venue from the outside at night. Ironically I have had people tell me that the softer photographs are actually their favorite!

Congratulations Clark and Dana!!!

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