Monday, October 3, 2011

The Rollo Fam' {Utah Portrait Photography}

I love this family! These are my pseudo-Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Uncle Rex grew up in Huntsville with my Dad and they have been life long friends, so we grew up with the Rollos and the Layton family. Ironically both the Rollos and Laytons are all boys which is probably why I turned out the way that I did!

Every summer we would head up to West Yellowstone to stay at the Rollo's family cabin. Oh the crazy fun we had! Chasing squirrels, water-skiing on Hebgen (freezing, glacier fed) lake. Running around Yellowstone Park like lunatics...good times!

Now that we've all grown up I hardly ever get to see them anymore. It's tragically sad. I was so thrilled when Aunt Nadine called me about taking their family pictures. I took my children with me and they think Aunt Nadine is super nice, they are right. She is the very, very best.

We used to get together every New Years Eve and hopefully it will work out that we can see them this year! You can NEVER have enough cousins!

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  1. The pictures look great and make me miss them all!