Monday, October 17, 2011

Marcus and Jen's Guest Book {Utah Wedding Photography}

I took Marcus and Jen's engagement photos on September 24th but I wanted to get their guest album designed and ordered before I blogged about them mainly because I love how an album tells the story of the day better than loose photographs.

Above is the cover for their album. This will be printed as a lay flat press book. Basically this means that the pages are print paper rather than photographic paper. I choose this option for guest albums because it's easier to write on. I also absolutely love lay flat books because they, well, lay flat. There is no "gutter" where the middle lands and the design extends across the entire page spread.

I also love how I can have a title on the spine of the album. If you look at the cover you will notice it has their names and the date of their wedding. I think it's a lovely touch.

They brought several clothing changes, which I love. Jen wanted the different changes to be mixed throughout the book. So while I tried to have each page contain it's own individual "story" I also wanted the pages to be different than the ones adjacent.

My biggest challenge when designing guest albums is remembering to include room for guests to actually sign. You'll notice I failed to leave room on the page above but I try to have at least one full pano every album I design. I just really love them and the lay flat album design shows them off so beautifully.

Jen wanted a "rustic-chic" look so I designed a custom page background for this album. I wanted it to be pretty neutral so that it didn't compete with the messages people wrote but to also have a very subtle texture to tie in the "rustic" aspect of their wedding without being too strong so that it still felt "chic".

They are a really fun couple and BYU fans as you can see. :)

Marcus and Jen are getting married on 11/11/11, isn't that fun? I'm so excited, I can't wait. It is going to be a lovely day.


  1. I love these photos and the layout. I hadn't thought about doing a signing book in this way, but it's such a cool idea! I can't wait to see their wedding photos (if you share them, that is...)! Have you ever considered submitting some of your sessions to the Utah Bride Blog ( I think they would love you, and I'd love for you to get some more advertising... if you want it ;)

    Love you, Mandie! I'm so glad I got to see you last weekend, and hope I can make my schedule work when Kiershta is in town!!

  2. This is really the best way to have a wedding guest book. Who ever would go through the old fashioned ones with just lists of names? Just the other day I pulled down the photo book you made for my wedding and read everyone's comments and looked at your gorgeous pictures. It is a treasure to have!