Monday, August 1, 2011

Two months in one. {Utah Photography}

I am behind in posting my monthly temple photos. These two are from June and are of the Jordan River Temple. The night's hazard? Rabid swarms of bloodthirsty mosquitos the size of station wagons. Of course my DH stood calmly by completely un-bothered as I tried to take pictures while being the evenings main dish. Humph!

I think I need to take pictures of each temple both during the day and at night. The looks are completely different...maybe that's what I'll do next year.

I barely squeaked this temple in before the end of the month hit. This was literally the last day I could manage and after driving almost two hours I arrived mid-thunderstorm. Normally I wouldn't shoot in those conditions but I had driven forever {felt like} and was out of time, so I draped a chamois cloth around my camera and headed out. The rained slacked up a bit so I wasn't completely soaked and I tried to pretend that even though I could hear thunder there wasn't actually any lightning. It all ended well.

p.s. This is the Mount Timpanogos Temple and it is lovely!


  1. Those are cool. I like the stormy cloud shot. Does DH stand for Dear Husband? I bet you were eaten alive with those mozzies! They always did love to come bite you first!

  2. Lol, either that or Darling Husband! :) The point is it just wasn't fair that the darn critters didn't even go near him!