Monday, August 22, 2011

A lovely friend. {Utah Family Photography}

One of the benefits of being a photographer is the opportunity to see friends that one hasn't seen for years. Everyone needs their family photos updated and even if one lives out of state there is time during trips home to visit. Plus I love to travel (hint,hint). This is my friend Sarah and her beautiful family. Sarah was one of the wonderful people who took advantage of the special that I ran to help my sister and her family who lost pretty much everything in the flooding in Australia last January. It was a win for everyone. Sarah got a great deal, I got to see my friend and not have to charge full price (which I hate), and my sister was able to purchase a fridge which we will all agree is rather crucial to family survival. Sidenote: My sister and her family are finally back in their home along with an addition. Leah had a beautiful baby boy who sadly I haven't seen yet but hopefully will in the next year.

Sarah wanted an urban look and also to not travel too far as they were all so tired from all the visiting and travel and reunions so we chose this location in Ogden.

I loved meeting her children, they were absolutely delightful!

When I photograph families I like to take both headshots for the Moms and also let each child pick their own place to take full-length and three-quarter shots. I like to get the kids involved in the shoot so that they feel that they have some say and are a part of the process. They always seem to like picking their spot and it makes them excited for their turn. I always get more cooperation when it's "their" idea. Every once in awhile I get a challenge location chosen so if it's too nutty I still shoot in the place that they have chosen and then I say "Hey, let's just do a couple more over here." Always works!

We chose this location partly so that they could have the two different looks of the urban buildings and the green of the foliage behind the bridge. I also love the beautiful rim-lighting that I get here as the sun is going down,

I love two-year-olds, they are so much fun! It's a little challenging to get them to sit still and smile at you so I just shoot and shoot and shoot like a madwoman. Of course, when I'm editing I see all these fantastic expressions that I just love and can't possibly choose between so I love to make composites. This is a 20X20 nine image composite and it's meant to be printed as a gallery wrap. As a parent we love all the different expressions that our children have and here they are, all together. I'm working on making these up for each of my children, I just think they are so much fun!

Thank you Heiner family for the opportunity of photographing you. It was so great to see you all and I hope it won't be long until we can play together again. Loves!!


  1. Yay for composites!!!!! I have one of those for each of the kids. I have some people who look at the one of my middle daughter, Zoe, and ask why in the world one of the pictures she has this scowl on her face. Quite simply, because that is the little girl I love! If you look at it closely, you see yes, she has a scowl and her eyebrows are furrowed, but she is also about to smile and just the corners of her mouth are barely turned up. I wish more people knew how personal and endearing these can be to families who aren't afraid to show off the not-so cookie-cutter children!

  2. Love it Meghan!! Do you have a the composite of your daughter posted anywhere? I would LOVE to see it, it sounds perfect!