Monday, November 9, 2009

My cousins are really tall.

Believe it or not I am the runt of my family. Just last Sunday at the monthly Jeppson Family Fiesta (yes, that is actually what we all call it) my Mom was teasing me about being short. I am 5'7". Okay technically I am 5' 6 3/4" but who ever says that? "Mom" I say, "Everywhere else I go I am the TALL one." She just looked at me in a rather scoffing manner. Sigh . . . these pictures are my cousin Josh's family. See his cute wife? She's pretty average in height. See him? Yeah, I'm the runt. =) Thanks for being so much fun guys, I really love the lolly!


  1. Hey, I know those guys. I used to work with them at Feature Films for Families.

  2. Hi Mandy! I'm Leah's sister'n'law Felicity... thought i'd stop by and say HI (since we're kinda related and all :)!!! Your pics are AMAZING!!! ahhh If only we lived closer. Hope you don't mind if I stop back to check out your beautiful work!! Luv Felicity :)

  3. I like to call them "Jeppson Family Fast Sunday Fiestas" it adds to the craziness of the title. :) You are a runt I admit. He-he - though granted I'm only an inch taller than you. It's funny because I was talking about being tall the other day and all the Astons laughed about how I don't count as tall. I guess when they're typically over 6 feet, 5'8" doesn't seem that tall. :)

  4. Danny, I didn't know you had started a blog, FUN!

    Felicity, thank you so much and please stop by ANY time!!! =)

    Lol, Leah, I forgot you're the runt there! Hee hee!