Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Las Vegas Nevada LDS Temple {Utah Fine Art Photography}

I'm running out of temples to photograph for my monthly project that are near me so when Todd and I went to Las Vegas for Ragnar (so much fun) I was excited to photograph the temple there. The race ended, we took a picture, had a toast, then ran over to the temple (while the other van was showering).

It is a rather unusual temple, I really like the spires and I was fascinated by how interesting the back of the temple was, I think my favorite part was actually the back and of course I love the palm trees.

Trying to look for interesting angles and perspectives, here's the back of the temple from a low angle. I'm pleased with what I got and it was fun, so it's a win!

I took a few more, so if you'd like to see them (or purchase any) here's the link to my online Fine Art Boutique.


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  1. So this is actually one of my most favorite temples on the inside. It's stunning. But I didn't really think the outside was super pretty but your pictures really make it look so nice.