Monday, September 12, 2011

Oakland CA Temple {Utah Photography}

Last weekend my husband and I made a quick two-day trip to San Fransisco, CA. We left at about 10:30 pm Friday evening after my preview performance (kind of like a final dress rehearsal) of Anything Goes at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre in Centerville, UT. We drove straight through the night with only a one-hour pause at a surprisingly nice rest stop. Our first destination was the Oakland Temple and we arrived around 9:30 am while it was still shrouded in fog. We decided to go through a session before taking any photographs in hopes that the fog would clear. After our session the fog was indeed gone but the sun was blazeingly bright and people were EVERYWHERE. This temple has the most gorgeous landscaping! There are two long rows of palm trees that frame pathways, fountains, and a stream that lead up to the temple. It is stunning! Unfortunately I couldn't get a shot of that without people in it so although I did take pictures I haven't bothered to edit any of them.

I was fascinated by this carving on the temple.

This is my favorite picture. I like the framing of the unique spire by the palm trees. Maybe it's because I don't see palm trees often enough or maybe it's because this was my first real stop and pause view that I had of the temple. Yes, I am standing in the middle of the parking lot to take this shot...people are really nice!


  1. Oh that's really pretty. I was supposed to go there last summer but it didn't work out. What a gorgeous shot. I love palm trees too, they always seem so tropical and make you think of being on holiday. Am I going crazy though - I can't see any people in the shot, or did you already take them out? Lovely, lovely pictures!

  2. No, you aren't going crazy. I didn't post the pictures with the people in them. I'm sad because I really love the view with the two long rows of palm trees but the people all over were making me nuts.