Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I will now let you in on a little secret . . . I stress about your images more than you do. No really!!! I always mentally walk through all my sessions before I even start shooting. I think about them for days! I have all these pictures and plans in my head. Often I write them all down and go over my list several times (I love lists) to make sure I don't forget everything. Well, sometimes the list and the ideas and the plans get thrown completely out the window and you find yourself desperately hoping that you will get at least one usable shot. Hahahahaha!!! This session was such a session. =) I love this family. Cariane and I have sung together for several years and I was SO excited to take their family pictures! Oh, the PLANS I had.

This little guy wanted NOTHING to do with my camera, and boy oh boy do I mean NOTHING! It was hysterical. I admit it, I was panicking, but Cariane was so calm and amazing. Finally at the end of the shoot I went back through the pictures in camera and we saw that we had actually captured quite a few shots that worked. I think we all felt a lot better. My favorite part of the story . . . these turned out to be some of my favorite family shots ever! I promise I am not making that up! =) I guess sometimes it's best to be spontaneous. Lol, only those who really know me will realize how funny that is!


  1. Love the pictures, and that green door is awesome.

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  3. Pretty! That blue color against the black and white is awesome! I love lists too, actually I've just decided to start a new "list" journal and just have lots and lots of lists in it. :)