Sunday, December 13, 2009

And that's how we get it done!

So I take pictures all the time but usually it's for "work" purposes or to document my life. Sometimes (ALL the time) I find myself seeing something beautiful but just being too tired (lazy) to get my camera out and take a picture of it. This year I wanted to do better, so in January as one of my 2009 resolutions I decided that I would photograph something non-work related every month. Sometimes I had themes, sometimes it was something I saw in a photography magazine and wanted to recreate, sometimes just spur-of-the-moment. Well, as spur-of-the-moment as I get anyway. So here is December's offering. I went to Temple Square with some most beloved friends (thanks guys) and took some pictures of the lights. It's cliche I know, but still fun. Sad story . . . I had a specific picture in my head. I wanted a shot of the candles floating in the reflecting pool and just as I went to snap the shutter (literally) they turned the lights off. I am almost ashamed to admit that I jumped up and down loudly exclaiming something along the lines of ARGH . . . Noooooo!!! Curse my being a good citizen and taking pictures of those three girls. Not really, I'm just being cranky, lol!

It was surprisingly difficult to find creative angles. I really wanted to do something "different". This shot was just fascinating to me because of the textures and layers that the lights created. This project didn't go as well as I hoped but I'm glad I did it. Sometimes just completing a goal you've set for yourself is satisfaction enough. Plus, sometimes a brilliant shot comes out of nowhere so you can't second guess things. You just have to keep shooting.

This red tree was my absolute favorite. Besides the fact that red is my very most favorite color, it was also just really cool and without it I may have never found my friends. Here's how the conversation ensued . . . fifth cell phone call . . .

Josh: "Where did you say you were?"
Mandie: "On the North side just as you come in."
Josh: "Where on the North side."
Mandie: "Just North of the reflecting pool."
Josh: "I just walked all the way around there."
Mandie: "I'm by the curvy thing, I saw a shot I liked and had to take it."
Josh: "What curvy thing?"
Mandie: "The curvy thing that intersects with the pathy thing, right as you come in, and the intersection North of the pool, I'm right in the middle of it."
Josh:" . . . . . Do you see the red pine tree?"
Mandie: "No"
Josh: "It's a huge red pine tree, how do you not see it?"
Mandie: "I see a huge red tree, it's really pretty, but it's not a pine tree."
Josh: "Yes, it is, we're right underneath it."
Mandie: "It doesn't look like a pine tree."
Josh: " . . . just meet us under the big red tree."

Yeah, I'm a dork sometimes and Josh is AMAZINGLY patient with me. Thanks love!!!

Since I didn't get my candle shot I had to go for the luminarias. Side note, if your are with somebody who starts telling you what languages they all are in don't be amazingly impressed with their incredible knowledge, it's written on the bags. =)

This shot I am actually pleased with. I can't remember what language it was, you'll have to ask my friend Josh. He knows all . . . like how to read the small print.

YAY for my beloved friends. Mike, who I actually just met but seems very nice. "My" Ryan and "My" Josh. LOVE you!!! Sorry it was so frigidly cold but thanks so much for coming with me. Now for January's project . . . I really want to try light painting . . .


  1. Cool pictures! I've been excited to hear how the lights shooting went. I really love the luminary (sp?) photos - the second one looks almost gothic and firey it's cool!

  2. These are great. The luminaries and the light-swarm picture were especially fascinating.